Confirmation 2014

What is a Confirmation Class?

Students going through confirmation, whether children or adults, spend time learning the basics of Christian faith and practice. Once the students have learned these basics, they are given an opportunity to stand before the church and confirm their faith in Jesus Christ and belief in the basic teachings of Christianity. Those students who where baptized at an earlier point in their life will confirm their baptism before the congregation. Others, who have never been baptized, will have the opportunity to be baptized during that same service.

This year’s confirmation class runs from Wednesday, September 17 to November 12 with Confirmation Sunday following on November 16.   (See the schedule below)confirmation2014-button-register

Meeting Times and Class Requirements

Confirmation begins on Wednesday evening, September 17 at 6:45 PM. All confirmands are required to have a parent or sponsor attend the evening classes with them. Each confirmand will also have a morning or evening devotional with their parent or sponsor using the book Thirty Questions by Tim Tennent. Books may be purchased from the church for $10.

Youth and children enrolled in confirmation will participate in a Sunday School class led by Pastor Chris at 9:45 AM. Sponsors need not be present.


Sept 17 Welcome
Sept 24 Who is God?
Oct 1 Creation
Oct 8 The Fall and Sinful State of Humanity
Oct 15 Salvation (Part I)
Oct 22 Salvation (Part II)
Oct 29 The Means of Grace
Nov 5 How God Wants Us to Live
Nov 12 Death, Judgment, and Eternity
Nov 16 Confirmation Sunday