FAQ: Are Science and Religion Friends or Foes?

Warm Up Question

What, if any, scientific finding, theory, etc. most challenges your faith?

Discussion Questions

What is science?
What are its limits?
What is religion?
What are its limits?
Do science and religion ever overlap?
Should we interpret scripture with science or Science with Scripture? Should we interpret them separately?
What if they disagree?
Has science disproved God’s existence?
Has science proved God’s existence?

Helpful Terms

Religion: noun. A system of beliefs and practices related to God, the world, humanity and purpose.
Science: noun. A systematic study of the world through empirical observation and experimentation.
Empirical: adjective. Based on what can be observed and/or measured
Scientism: noun. The belief that science is the sole or best source of knowledge. We should only believe what science can prove.
Naturalism: noun. The belief that the physical world—matter and energy—is all that exists.
Supernaturalism: noun. The belief in existence of things apart from the material world. For example: God, the soul, angels and demons.
Inductive reasoning: Reasoning to a generalization on the basis of particular instances of that generalization
Deductive reasoning: Reasoning where a series of propositions, if true, necessarily imply the truth of another proposition (the conclusion)

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