You can make donations to FUMC Quanah with your regular online shopping.

The General Council on Finance and Administration of UMC has launched a new website which allows us to received donations based on the online purchases of our membership and supporters:

Simply go to and signup to have percentage of your online purchases (at participating retailers such as Amazon*, Macy’s, Wal-Mart, Toys-R-Us and many others) turned into a donation for FUMC Quanah. Once you signup do a search for “Quanah” under the organizations tab so that your donations will come to our church. There are two ways to donate from the website after you signup: 1)  Sign in to and click on the website you want to make a purchase from or 2) install the umcmarket browser plugin that automatically sends donations as you shop

We hope you will consider using this resource for you holiday shopping and purchases on into the new year. Thank you in advance for using your online purchases to help our church.

*Amazon purchases work a little differently and have to be claimed. About 2 to 7 days after your purchase on Amazon, you can claim it by going to MY PAGE and click on AMAZON CLAIMS. Add the name of your item and click SAVE on the row with the corresponding price and your donation will soon be approved and reflected in your account. Click NOT MINE on purchases you don’t recognize. They are created at the same time as yours, which is the reason why they also appear. If the purchase was from a third party within Amazon it usually takes up to a 7 days until you can claim it. If you can’t find your purchases after this time has passed, please email your order information (name of item, purchase date and amount) directly to