Communion Study

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Week 1 The Original Passover (Click Here)
01-LENT-Salvation-Sacrifice-1What does the Passover have to do with Holy Communion? How did Jesus both celebrate the Passover with his disciples and die on Passover?
Week 2 Levitical Law (Part 1Part 2)
02-LENT-Sin-Offering-2Does God demand obedience or sacrifice?  Is Jesus our sacrifice?  Why will no other sacrifice save us from sin?
Week 3 The Last Supper (Part 1, Part 2)
03-LENT-Last-Supper-1Why do we take Communion?  How often should we take Communion?  What is a means of grace?
WEEK 4 Jesus, Better than a Passover Lamb (Part 1, Part 2)
04-LENT-Communion-Lamb-1Can Communion help us “taste and see that the Lord is good”?  Does Communion make us a more grateful person?  In what way do “eat Jesus flesh and drink his blood”?